Fargo moves to Kruununhaka

Aallon nojatuoli sekä jalkalamppu piirrettynä mintunvihreälle taustalle
Huh. For almost nine years, our shop has been serving on Fleminginkatu and has established itself as a central part of Kallio's street scene: every day, countless people pass by Fargo's windows and stop to admire our vintage treasures. Now it's time to say goodbye to Fleminginkatu in its current form and head towards Kruununhaka.

When we started in 2013, we could not have expected how in demand and desired vintage furniture is, and how the demand would continue to grow year by year. In 2017, Indie Guides selected Fargo as one of the 25 most interesting stores in the world. We were pioneers in the second-hand trade in Finland and we want to continue to be so.

The new office in Kruununhaa enables the selection to expand, but at the same time to focus on the curation of the selection, its quality and interest, and the growth of the online store. However, we don't want to give up customer orientation and the unique Fargo feeling, for which we are often praised. Fargo is a family business and Fargo's operations will be continued by Jaakko and Reetta Juutela together with Harry and a skilled team that is growing every year.

We want to thank our loyal Flemar customers for the years together. We hope to see you also in the new Kruununhaan Fargo!

We will be communicating on our channels in the coming weeks about the opening schedule for Kruununhaa. For now, Kruununhaa's business is open according to the agreement. Arrange a visit by emailing info@fargovintage.fi or by calling +358443233664
Fargo's light sign in the Fleminginkatu shop windowHarry Juutela sitting on the couch in the Fleminginkatu store
Reetta and Jaakko Juutela at the store on Fleminginkatu at the opening after the renovation

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