Flemari20 and Fargo outlet

Flemari20 ja Fargon outlet

An interesting and atmospheric new concept store Flemari20 opened a while ago in the former premises of Fargo in Kallio. Lilis Cafe, Kukkaverstas and the Fargo Outlet store work together there.

Behind Flemari20 are the sisters Hanna Gammon and Minna Mercke Schmidt and the Fargo team.

Both sisters have an international background. Ideas for common spaces like Flemari20 have been left in the back pocket of the world, and they are now being concretized in the former premises of Fargo as a concept in line with the values ​​of the trio.

Hanna has lived in Australia for 20 years and built a company there called Jungle Fy with her husband. The company's idea is to bring nature to the city and strengthen people's bond with it. However, it has always been a dream to set up a small deli cafe and finally the dream came true when Hanna moved back to Finland with her family.

Kukkaverstas was Minna Mercke Schmidt's favorite hobby in the beginning, which has developed over the years into an international company of creative creation and sharing of inspiration. Minna's blog Blomverkstadia has been read since 2006. Flower courses and inspirational lectures are also a key part of the Flower Shop's activities. Until now, Minna has worked in Skoone, Sweden, but has now partially returned to Finland.

Fargo, on the other hand, has been a pioneer in Finnish vintage sales for a long time, and this collaboration gave them a good reason to stay in their old home corners with a new concept.

The three are united by similar values ​​- responsibility and beauty!

The premises of the old store in Fargo have preserved the same vintage-inspired atmosphere and it is wonderful to make great finds from the vintage selection at affordable prices in the middle of the smell of coffee and flowers. These products can't be found in the online store, so it's worth going to the place to shop.

Lilis Cafe's selection is vegetarian-oriented and mainly includes delicacies made by Hanna. For Hanna, food is related to comprehensive well-being and social interactions between people. That thinking has been applied to Lilis' creations as well.

Kukkaverstas is not an ordinary flower shop. The flower shop also organizes, for example, flower arrangement courses at Flemari20's premises.

In the future, there are also plans to organize Flemari20 events and various courses. You can also inquire about the premises for private events.
Flemari 20
Address Fleminginkatu 20
Open Wed 12-19, Sat and Sun 12-16.
Inquiries: info@kukkaverstas.fi
Outlet product inquiries:

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