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The story of Fargo

Harry Juutela founded Fargo Vintage & Design in 2013 as a trio with entrepreneurs selling vintage clothes and vinyl records. Over the years, Fargo's selection began to focus mainly on selling furniture from the 50s and 60s, and Harry decided to continue operating independently. Our concept began to take shape closer to what we are today. The brick-and-mortar store on Fleminginkatu in Fargo has established itself as a central part of Kallio's street scene: every day, countless people from Helsinki pass by our windows and stop to admire our beautiful vintage treasures.

Our love for high-quality vintage and design objects and design is the central source of inspiration for our company. For us, vintage furniture brings out memories and stories. Well-designed, high-quality vintage and design items also last, are beautiful and practical. They are made to last and we see them as an investment that promotes sustainable and responsible consumption. Fargo wants to see vintage and design furniture as part of the future.

"Fargo's name came from when I worked with two other entrepreneurs in the same space, and we had to come up with a common name for the store. We looked around, and our attention was drawn to an old Fargo Yankee poster I had for sale. The name Fargo started to sound good to all three of them. The name also reflected recycling and reminded of the lovely Coen brothers' movie. I wanted to make the store a place where old objects and vintage hobbies could meet under the same roof."

- Harry Juutela, founder of Fargo

About love for movies, vinyls and childhood memories of the 60s

Harry was inspired to start a shop focusing on furniture and other vintage items from the 50s and 60s in part because those decades are his childhood. Harry's passion for movies can also be seen in the details of our shop, both in the form of posters and props. Fargo's operations are continued together with Harry by his children Jaakko and Reetta and the rest of the team, which is growing every year.

How are the objects selected for us?

Our love for high-quality vintage and designer items and design is the central source of inspiration for our company. For us, vintage furniture represents cherished memories and stories that span generations. Well-designed vintage and designer items last a long time and are beautiful, high-quality and practical. We see investing in vintage items as part of a more sustainable and responsible future.

We primarily acquire designer and vintage furniture from the 1930s to the 1970s for sale. Quality and style are our most important criteria when choosing products. With long experience and reliable expertise, we also guarantee the authenticity of the products. We get products for sale all over Finland from both merchants and private individuals. In addition, we occasionally buy larger lots from Swedish and Danish merchants.

Fargo in the future

We wanted to renew and develop Fargo's operations by expanding our selection to the online store, as well as launching the new Fargo Showroom in Kruununhaka in March 2023. Our selection will expand and the availability of our products will be easier as our company digitizes, but at the same time the praised customer orientation and unique feeling will remain. The Fargo warehouse is connected to the showroom.