Terms of use and delivery

These terms of use apply between the use of the online store ("Online Store") and the customer of the Online Store ("Buyer") when the Buyer purchases Products in the Online Store.

By using the Online Store or purchasing Products from the Online Store, the Buyer accepts these terms of use and undertakes to comply with them. The buyer must familiarize himself with these terms of use before using the Online Store or ordering Products from the Online Store.

These Terms of Use, together with the Purchaser's order for the Product in the Online Store ("Order") constitute a binding agreement between the Purchaser and Fargo Vintage & Design regarding the sale and purchase of the Products. These terms of use are also applicable to the use of the Online Store.

The buyer confirms that he has the right to register in the Online Shop. Buying products in the Online Store requires the individual customer to be of legal age and legal capacity.



Fargo Vintage & Design
Okie Oy
Social security number: 1015549-5
Address: Meritullinkatu 11c 8, 00170 Helsinki, Finland


hereinafter “Fargo Vintage & Design”.



The placed Order binds the Buyer. The information related to the Product to be ordered can be seen in the Online Store before placing the Order.

When ordering Products from the Online Store, a binding contract is created between the Buyer and Fargo Vintage & Design when the Buyer is sent a written order confirmation by e-mail confirming the availability of the Product and other details regarding the Product, or at the time of delivery of the Products.

The products are paid for when placing the Order either in the online store or on site at the indicated location .


The Product prices indicated in the online store are valid until further notice. The Product prices indicated in the online store apply the marginal taxation procedure VAT 0%.

Fargo Vintage & Design reserves the right at any time to change the prices of the Products indicated in the Online Store and to correct any errors in the indicated prices. The price displayed in the Online Store at the time of ordering is always applicable to the Buyer's Order.

Product information

Product availability information, implementation time, usage restrictions related to gift cards and other advance information are available in the Online Store before placing the Order. Orders are subject to the Buyer's right to cancel distance sales according to consumer protection legislation as mentioned below in these terms and conditions.

Fargo Vintage & Design does not guarantee the availability of Products sold in the Online Store. If the Product is not available after placing the Order, we will inform the Buyer as quickly as possible via e-mail. In this case, the Buyer can either order an alternative Product or cancel the Order without costs. Fargo Vintage & Design reserves the right to change the Products offered in the Online Store at any time without prior notice.



The buyer pays for the Products ordered from the Online Store using the payment methods that Fargo Vintage & Design offers in the Online Store at any given time. When the Buyer pays with the credit card payment option offered in the Online Shop, the Buyer accepts Paytrail Oyj's payment service terms valid at the time of the order, which can be found here .




The buyer is responsible for the correctness and up-to-dateness of the information he provides.

Fargo Vintage & Design publishes the information required by the applicable legislation in the Online Store, including advance information regarding distance sales required by the Consumer Protection Act to the extent that the information required by the legislation is not presented in these terms of use. 

The online store and its content (including images, texts, service and product information, trademarks, videos, logos and tables) are property protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights of Fargo Vintage & Design or their partners, whose unauthorized use or copying is prohibited.

The buyer may not use the Online Store in violation of the law or good practice. The buyer may not modify or reproduce the Online Store or its content or any part thereof.

The online store and its content are offered for use "as is". It is possible that the Online Shop or some of its functionality is not available to the Buyer without interruption. Fargo Vintage & Design is not responsible for any inconvenience to the Buyer caused by possible interruptions of the Online Shop. The operation of the online store and some of its functionalities are dependent, for example, on the devices and network connections used by the Buyer.

The buyer uses the Online Store at his own risk and is responsible for the acquisition, functioning, protection of the devices, connections and software necessary to use the Online Store, as well as the related direct and indirect costs.

Fargo Vintage & Design has the right to change or remove the functions and features of the Online Store and the Products available in the Online Store. Fargo Vintage & Design is not responsible for storing information added by Users to the service. The online store should not be used to store or back up any information.




If the Product ordered from the Online Store does not match what was agreed, there is an error in the Product. The buyer must report the error directly to Fargo Vintage & Design.

Fargo Vintage & Design is liable for errors in accordance with mandatory consumer protection legislation with regard to the Products offered through the Online Store.

All Fargo Vintage & Design Products are old or used and contain natural wear and patina from time. The products are sold as they are, so traces of previous use on the products cannot be considered a defect in the product. Please note this when ordering Products. The defects mentioned in the product text are not exhaustive, and not all traces of use and defects are necessarily visible in the product images. If you have any questions about the Products or their condition information, please contact us via email at info@fargovintage.fi.



This point regarding the right of cancellation applies to both the online store and the consumer customer who purchased Products from the store.

As a consumer customer, the Buyer who purchased the Products has the right in accordance with consumer protection legislation to cancel the Online Store and the Order made through the Store by notifying Fargo Vintage & Design within 14 days of placing the Order. There is no need to justify the cancellation.

The cancellation does not cause the Buyer other costs than the shipping costs of the return. When canceling the Order, the Buyer must pay the shipping costs arising from the return, even if the Buyer did not pay separately for the shipping costs when ordering the Product. The return costs in the capital region are €25 if the Buyer hands over the product at the street level of their apartment, €50 if the Product must be picked up from the Buyer's home. In other locations, the return costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

After the mentioned period expires, the Buyer has no right of cancellation.

If the Buyer agrees on the time of the performance of the service or the delivery of digital content in connection with the Order, and the performance of the service or the delivery of the content is started within 14 days of placing the Order, the Buyer is considered to have made an express request in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and to have given consent to the performance of the service and the delivery of the content without the right of withdrawal.

Exercising the right of cancellation requires a notification of cancellation to Fargo Vintage & Design. The notification must indicate the Buyer's clear and specific decision to cancel the relevant Order.

The Buyer is considered to have canceled the Order within the deadline, when the Buyer sends a cancellation notice to Fargo Vintage & Design before the end of the cancellation period.


Effects of Cancellation


If the Buyer cancels the Order in accordance with the terms of use, Fargo Vintage & Design will return all fees collected from the Buyer without undue delay. The payment will be returned using the same payment method that the Buyer used when placing the Order in the first place, unless otherwise expressly agreed with the Buyer. The buyer is not charged anything for the refund.




Fargo Vintage & Design is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that the Buyer incurs from using the Online Store or the Products.

The limitation of liability mentioned in this section does not limit mandatory compensation responsibilities according to valid law (such as the Consumer Protection Act or the Damages Compensation Act).



Fargo Vintage & Design is not liable to the Buyer for damage caused by force majeure or delays caused by force majeure in fulfilling obligations under the terms of use or the Order. Force majeure is considered to be an unforeseeable circumstance or a change in circumstances that is caused by Fargo Vintage & Design or a circumstance beyond Fargo Vintage & Design's control and the effects of which Fargo Vintage & Design is unable to avoid or overcome, or the avoidance of which would cause unreasonable inconvenience or costs. Force majeure is, for example, a natural disaster, fire, import and export restrictions, flood, act of war, act of terrorism, disruption of telecommunication connections, industrial action, revolution, pandemic, epidemic, official action, court order, or impediment to the performance of Fargo Vintage & Design's subcontractors. Fargo Vintage & Design is obliged to inform the Buyer of the existence of a force majeure within a reasonable time.


Fargo Vintage & Design is obliged to fulfill its obligations according to the terms of use or the Order after the end of the force majeure event. The parties can terminate the contract without damages or delay penalties, if the force majeure has lasted more than thirty (30) days.




Fargo Vintage & Design has the right to transfer the contract concluded with the Buyer and the rights and obligations under this contract (including intellectual property rights and usage rights) to its group company or as part of a business transaction or other corporate arrangement.




Fargo Vintage & Design has the right to change these terms of use by publishing the new terms of use in the Online Store and notifying registered Users of the changes to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer, Fargo Vintage & Design.

The changed terms of use will come into effect as soon as they are published.

The buyer accepts the amended terms of use by continuing to use the Online Store after the publication of the amended terms.




Finnish law applies to disputes between Fargo Vintage & Design and the Buyer regarding the Order and contract and the terms of use of the Online Store.

Fargo Vintage & Design's primary endeavor is to resolve any disputes through negotiation. If the disagreement regarding the Order, contract or terms of use cannot be resolved by negotiation, the consumer can contact consumer advice ( www.kkv.fi/kuluttajaneuvonta/ ). If the disagreement cannot be resolved with the help of consumer advice, the consumer-customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board ( www.kuluttajariita.fi ). Before contacting the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer customer must contact consumer advice. The consumer-customer can also resolve a dispute related to the Order, contract or terms of use through the so-called online dispute resolution system maintained by the European Commission ( http://ec.europa.eu/odr ).

Disagreements related to the order, contract or terms of use will be settled definitively in the Helsinki district court. However, the Buyer in the position of a consumer can always file a lawsuit or be a defendant also in the competent lower court of his place of residence.