Fargo's Buying Process - How we select the unique treasures for our selection

Fargon sisäänostoprosessi – Miten valitsemme ainutlaatuiset aarteet valikoimaamme

The selection of vintage design products is not random, but carefully considered and carefully planned. Each object tells its own story, and it is our job to bring those stories to light.

Sources and editors

Products come to us from many different sources. Most of the products come from private individuals and companies in Finland. Estates and estates are often real treasure troves, where you can find many high-quality vintage design items. You can also offer us furniture, lighting and other vintage items. The best way is to contact us by email and send clear pictures of the products and information about the product to us. More information about purchasing can be found at this link .

In addition, we bring special lots from Denmark and Sweden, where you can find a wide selection of well-known design classics. We work with reliable suppliers that we know and have long-term relationships with.

Checking the condition of the product

When we buy products, we pay special attention to their condition. The product must be in such a condition that it is possible to make it usable. There must also be no smell or mold in it. The most important criteria are quality, durability and design. We want our customers to be able to enjoy these products for decades to come.

Product selection

We choose products that fit our overall style. The main focus is on the 50s/60s, but we combine products from different eras. Often the choice of an object is also related to its aesthetic appeal and practicality in a modern home.

The process of choosing objects and furniture

The selection process for design objects and standard furniture is different. Design furniture requires a more accurate mapping of origin and value. We want to make sure that we offer our customers genuine, valuable design classics.

Restoration and restoration

After the condition check, the products are refurbished if necessary or at least cleaned to make them usable. Often, the products may also require thorough restoration and upholstery. We restore each product by hand to guarantee their quality and durability.

Product presentation

Once the products have been refurbished, they will be photographed and added to our website. Each object gets its own description, which tells its story and details. In addition, the products are displayed in our store in Kruununhaa, Helsinki, where customers can see and experience them live.

Our selection is constantly changing, and each product is unique. It's worth following us on our website and social media channels so they don't miss out on great vintage design finds. Subscribers to our weekly newsletter always get information about new items in the selection a day before others!

Welcome to get to know our selection and find your favorite from our wonderful and unique selection!

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