Designer of the Month - Lighting Designer Heikki Turunen

Kuukauden suunnittelija -  Valaisinmuotoilija Heikki Turunen

Fargo's February designer Heikki Turunen has been a major contributor to the development of Finnish lighting design.

His work and achievements are a living example of how design can combine aesthetics and functionality, and how one visionary designer can influence an entire industry. 

Siluette(Tupla-kupla) pendant, 1960/1970s, Heikki Turunen, Orno

Background and career

Heikki Juhani Turunen was born on 12 June 1937 in Joutseno.
Turunen graduated from the metal department of the School of Art and Design in 1963, after which he started his career at Stockmann-Orno's drawing office. Initially he worked as an assistant to the chief designer Lisa Johansson-Pape, but soon got the opportunity to develop his own luminaire designs.
His 38-year career as chief designer at Stockmann-Orno and his work at Thorn Lighting Oy as a designer responsible for product development and visual image have left a lasting mark on Finnish design.

Vario table lamps, 1970s, Heikki Turunen, Orno

Innovative lighting

The luminaires designed by Turunen represent his ability to combine light, colour and form in harmony, while also taking into account the technical aspects of lighting. His best-known works include the Reflex, Efekt, 5300 Wide Floodlight and Salonki series. Particularly well known is the mushroom-shaped La Boheme table lamp, made of acrylic plastic.

Salonki -series pendant, 1980s, Heikki Turunen, Orno

International recognition

Turunen's work received international attention when his Avanti lamp was chosen in 1993 for the French President's official residence in the Élysée Palace. This was a major recognition of Finnish design and a testament to the quality and impact of Turunen's work.

Legacy and influence

Heikki Turunen's work and his contribution to Finnish design have been significant. His visionary designs and innovative solutions have inspired new generations of designers. Turunen has been an example of how individual creativity and commitment can have a broad impact on the industry and create new trends in the world of design.

Table lamp, 1970/1980s, Heikki Turunen, Orno

Efekti table lamp, 1980s, Heikki Turunen, Orno

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Portrait: marketing service house Preesens Oy, Photographer 1985

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