For us, high-quality vintage represents durability, authenticity and originality. Timeless vintage brings beautiful layers to even the most modern interior. Our goal is to be part of a changing, more sustainable world, where responsibility and style go hand in hand.

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quality vintage takes time

Well-designed vintage & design furniture has survived even decades as objects of use, that speaks for its quality and durability in itself. The furniture may have changed hands several times, but have remained in good condition if they have been properly maintained. With professional restoration, even a worn object can be given a new life. When you buy high-quality vintage from Fargo, you are part of the story of the objects and at the same time promote modern values ​​of responsibility

each product is individual

When we select furniture for sale, we want to know where it comes from and what its story is. We also want to tell these stories further.

Our products are never completely unused, and we don't think you should even try to hide the life and patina of time. This is also one of our values: we believe that the story of furniture is meant to be seen. Products are restored only as they require, they are restored individually and respecting the designer's vision. Our goal is therefore to restore products only to the extent required to extend their useful life, so that their original character remains visible.

What makes Fargo responsible?

At Fargo, we want to promote the preference for used products instead of buying new, and to make high-quality and time-lasting vintage available to as many people as possible. However, the logistics and restoration of the sale of used products also inevitably cause an environmental burden, which we strive to minimize both in terms of strategic decisions and daily operations. We want to be pioneers in our industry in terms of transparency.

What are we doing right now?

We handle transportation in the capital region
environmentally friendly KunnonMuutto . The products we sell are in good condition and carefully presented on our website, so returns are rare. We rarely order products from abroad and only in full loads, in order to minimize the emissions caused by travel. Our company recycles everything possible.