Designer of January - Niels Otto Møller

Tammikuun suunnittelija - Niels Otto Møller

In January, we want to introduce a Danish design legend, Niels Otto Møller. His work has inspired many and his legacy lives on.

Niels Otto Møller's early life

Møller graduated from a carpentry apprenticeship in 1939 and continued his studies at the Aarhus Academy of Design. He founded his own company, J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik A/S in 1944, and since then his name has been synonymous with high-quality Danish design.

Extendable dining table and chairs/ Design Niels Otto Møller

Møller's philosophy and design style

Møller's design is based on simplicity and respect for materials and craftsmanship. He believed that beauty comes from reducing decoration, not adding to it. This is reflected in his most famous works, such as his teak and rosewood furniture, which reflect elegant shapes and timeless design.

Møller's stylish chairs (8 pieces) are great to seat on / Fargo Vintage & Design

The dining table designed by Møller has extendable part. The table is made from jakaranda -wood. / Fargo Vintage & Design

Memorable chairs and prizes

Møller chairs, such as model #71 from 1951 and models #78/62 from 1962, are particularly well known from Møller's production. The quality and innovation of his work was recognised by several awards, including the Danish Furniture Awards in 1974 and 1981.

Continuity of the family business

J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik is still active and remains a family business. Today the company is run by Møller's granddaughter, Kirsten Møller, ensuring that tradition and quality are maintained.

Fargo Vintage & Design Collection

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Møller's furniture not only adds style to a space, it's also an investment - its value and beauty will last for decades.

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